Making Changes In My Life

Ever since my sweet Shug had to leave this life my life has slowly and steadily been changing. There are some new things I am getting into that I am enjoying and some of what I have been doing I am no longer enjoying.

I will no longer have a blog for Chancy and Pooh…my sweet dog and cat. I will be keeping my personal blog although I don’t know as yet exactly what I will be posting about or how often I will post.

All of you who have been faithful to follow my blog or both blogs I really appreciate and thank you. Some of you I met through my blog many years ago and some not so long ago, but I consider you all my friends and what wonderful people you are. I hope to not lose contact with any of you.

Thank you for all the times you have been there to encourage and comfort me.

For awhile yet I may not post or come by to visit you very often.  When I decide exactly what I want to do with my blog I will get back to posting and visiting on a regular basis.