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It Has Been Awhile


The birds, Chancy, Pooh and I are really enjoying this beautiful day. Yesterday we had a very nice rain. Today we have gorgeous sunshine  which we have not seen for some time. I looked out the door this morning and saw signs of spring. There is one daffodil blooming in my yard, but the rain caused it to droop so it looks a bit sad. Some of the lilies are coming up and the hydrangea is beginning to leaf out. I am looking forward to the beautiful colors and fresh, new smells of spring.

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  1. Love the bird in the photo! We can hear birds chirping off in the distance here….Sun has been shining for 3 days now. It almost seems ‘too bright’ after a long cloudy Winter! LOL…..
    Winter was not as brutal as it used to be…..altho’ I think we have some more to come……

    1. Don’t you just love to hear the birds, I sure do. Hope we see some sun here soon, it has been raining, foggy or cloudy for several days. We have more winter to come too.

      1. Oh yes hearing the birds is uplifting! Altho we have no trees right by our patios there are trees along the sidewalks so the birds can sit in them & sing!
        It was so cloudy again this Winter…maybe 4 days with sunshine! Last night we had mega-fog so I was surprised it is so lovely out today!! Let’s just enjoy this ‘sneak preview’ of Spring right my friend???

        1. We had fog last night and this morning and I thought we would have sunshine today, but nothing but clouds.

              1. Nope Maggie we are back into Winter…it still is February….
                I am very sick & going to Doctor for treatment today (Monday). I have Bacterial Sinusitis & might have Pneumonia also.
                I will be back online in a few weeks. Sending everyone LOVE ❤
                (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

                1. So sorry to hear this. I hope you are doing a whole lot better now. We have winter here one day and spring the next…autumn is always up and down here. Stay warm and get well sweet Sherri-Ellen. Hugs

                2. Our weather continues to mystify me!
                  I got seen by a Doctor & got Antibiotic for Bacterial Sinusitis & Bronchitis. UGH!!!
                  I finished the med which will work all week….I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus.
                  ***sighs*** I am so tired of being sick Maggie!
                  Hope things are going well there.
                  Love Sherri-Ellen ❤

                3. As of today Friday I am 70% better Maggie! And that is such a relief!
                  We have snow & high winds & frigid temps so it feels like January outside, lol.
                  I will continue to rest because I want to be back to normal soon.

  2. Your seeing signs of spring reminds me we would be seeing signs of Autumn. Not usually visible here on the coast but when we go up into the mountains overlooking the coast some of the trees will be shedding leaves by now. Our winters are usually mild so it’s a nice place for us to retire. Retirees from the south will be heading north for the winter months and we get our share of them here.

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