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Filler And Other Words

Filler words. I am guilty of using them myself at times but…in my opinion they really serve no purpose when used every three to four words while speaking. I have never in all my life heard the words “like” “you know” “I mean” and others used so many times in a sentence as I do now days.

I can say the same for curse words…why is it now days that there are so many curse words in what would otherwise be really good movies. When there are more curse words in a sentence than words to make the point, to me that is way over ridiculous.

I am really tired of paying for TV to hear more filler words, curse words and commercials than good movies or shows. And speaking of commercials…why do we have commercials on TV that we pay a monthly payment for? And I must say…a way too high of a payment at that?

Will it ever get better?

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  1. I hate it when I hear more curse words that ‘real words’ in a movie…and will stop watching it. I now watch movies I like on my kindle or TV from Amazon Prime…many good ones are free, and since I order many things from Amazon anyway (instead of driving around for my office supplies etc) the Prime more than pays for itself in a year, so all the free movies are truly free for me πŸ™‚ Many hugs!

  2. I call them useless words. One has to wonder how these useless words have found their way into our conversations, and why. I first heard “I mean” as an athlete was being interviewed, and now many athletes are saying it. A few days ago, I heard a witness to an event begin a sentence, with “I mean”. “You know” seems to have become a necessity in many conversations, for some. Why?

    Expletives are in a class all by themselves. What a waste!!! Too many, too often, and so not needed. I am not a prude, but I do not use expletives. If any of my friends and family use expletives, they do not us them in my presence. It is my understanding, in the beginning, expletives were used for shock value. Later we were told they were used by people whose vocabulary was limited, and they needed expletives to make a point. Why do script writers feel the need to have an adjective (expletive), before every noun in a sentence? I refuse to watch a movie that has an expletive before every noun. It is too tiring to try to follow the actual plot. I am aware that cursing is a life style for many people, and when used in that context in a movie, I understand.

    Commercials on TV channels that we pay to have, simply should not be, and to have 50/50 ratio programming to commercials should cause an uprising. Because we enjoy certain channels and programming, they have us where they want us. Do people really watch commercials? I worry that the mute button on my remote is nearing its death. DVRs are wonderful, but why should we have to delay watching a program simply to fast forward through commercials? We are paying to watch that program when it is aired.

    Thank you for bringing these topics up for discussion! I am sorry this is so long. This really put me on my soap box, and there is more I could say.
    Much Love!!

    1. Useless is a much better description of those words. I heard someone on TV the other day that said “like” more times than all the other words put together in their sentence.

      I agree with you on the expletives. We have discussed this many times and have not watched movies we waited to see because they were over-filled with them. It makes me sad that so many talk with more expletives than words needed to make a sentence. Some words just seem to be irritating me more and more because they are over-used or serve no purpose.

      It really angers me that there are 30 and 60 minute infomercials on TV that I pay for. I do not understand why we have to have commercials of any kind on paid TV.

      You are welcome and thank you for contributing your views on the topics. Your comment is certainly not too long. If you want to say more feel free to come back and do so. You know I love a good discussion, especially on our soap box subjects. πŸ™‚

      Love you much!

  3. I try to ignore the filler words used by some folks, but I sometimes tire of them. If it’s on a TV show, I turn to something else-LOL I have recorded my shows for years so I can fast forward through the commercials. Programs are so ridden with commercials and it’s a shame. Costs go up and quality goes down. That seems the end game for everything these days. Potty-mouth is another peeve of mine. I remember being entertained and no one had to curse every other word. Some of the best comedians made me laugh out loud and they did not use curse words to be funny. I miss Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Jean Arthur, and so many more. Fun for all the family.

    1. I try to ignore some filler words too. Sometimes there are just so many filler words it is impossible to ignore them. Like you I go to another channel or turn off the TV. Commercials have gotten ridiculous. You have named some of the greatest comedians of all time. Some others I loved watching…Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and there were others that gave me so many wonderful laughs. You are right that they were fun for all the family. ❀

  4. The best invention for TV is the DVR, dear Maggie!! I let it tape everything and then fast forward through the commercials. I hate filler words…and I understand your thoughts on curse words, but as one who has a self professed potty mouth at times I would be a hypocrite if I agreed πŸ˜‰ I know I can be so bad sometimes…and I used to work with children!!! Now, I would be so afraid that something would slip out…oh boy!! All I can say is it is a habit…and like any habit you have to work hard to break it! I have been trying, and most times I am better…but forget it if something dramatic happens!!! Hope you still love me πŸ˜‰
    Blessings dear heart…hope you have a super weekend ❀

    1. I have a DVR and record some programs to watch later. I have tried fast forwarding through commercials but feel I should not have to after paying so much for TV every month. Holding the remote and pushing buttons is annoying to me. Sweet Lorrie no words could keep me from loving you. ❀

  5. I love watching “Judge Judy” because she despises ‘filler words’ & she corrects everyone….sometimes she is not too subtle, lol…
    TV ads are the time I use to feed P SH or make tea or go to the Loo. That way I am not irritated by them.
    And I agree that curse words seem to be everywhere. I admit I can swear like a trucker ( HECK I WAS a trucker!) however I do not find cursing to be entertaining……Life sure has changed in the past 40-50 years hasn’t it Maggie????
    Love & {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen ❀

    1. LOL I had never heard of filler words until I heard what Judge Judy called them. I looked up the meaning of them on Wikipedia, to my surprise I learned that I use some filler words. I don’t think we should have commercials period since we pay for TV. I have stopped watching some hour long programs that I used to enjoy because now they have a commercial every 8 to 10 minutes that add up to 30 minutes by programs end. I don’t enjoy getting up and down that much during an hour of TV watching. I was a young army wife for a few years and picked up a few curse words. It took awhile to rid myself of them, especially the one I used the most but I finally achieved my goal. ❀

      1. Judge Judy cracks me up Maggie! Mind you she is the Oracle of Law & I’d be quaking in my boots if I had to stand before her. I think we always use filler words here & there.
        I agree about TV ads. I am just getting into a story & then have cartoon bears talkin about toilet paper….Kinds of messes with the mind! Hehehe….
        An I was once ‘swear free’ but a trucker is a trucker is a trucker…I only swear in company of certain friends who also use ‘colorful’ language. I am not as bad as I was once…. πŸ˜‰
        (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❀

        1. Judge Judy would not be my judge of choice unless I had plenty of evidence to prove my case. πŸ™‚ It is difficult to not use filler words from time to time. Everyone uses them, they just may not know that they do.

          I enjoy cute or funny commercials but I could do without all the others, especially the medical, sex-filled, car, insurance, fast food, and the senseless ones. You made me laugh with the cartoon bears talking about toilet paper…I know exactly which commercials you are speaking of. Hugs ❀

          1. LOL me neither unless I had ‘all my ducks in a row’! The woman is a machine! Which is why I respect her…ok maybe even fear her!!!!!
            UGH pharmaceutical/medical ads are the worst! Blah, blah, blah!!!!! Honestly the only good ads are animal ads….
            And don’t those talking bears crack you up??? I have NEVER seen a bear wipe itself ever!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

            1. For sure about Judge Judy. I like some of the ads with children and most with animals. I don’t like any ads that make me sad. I have never seen a bear wipe itself either. LOL

              1. Maggie IF I ever see a bear using TP I shall switch to that brand, hahahahaha!!!
                I love the Budweiser/Clydesdales TV ads the best…..(still horse crazy)….

  6. No, if anything it will get worse. We discontinued cable and only watch free to air for the news. However there is a wealth of programs on YouTube and we like using that because its free and you can choose what you watch and not be subjected to all the stuff you mentioned.

    1. I figure it will only get worse too. I would really like to discontinue cable but some of the main things I like to watch I can only get through cable. What kind of programs do you get on YouTube?

  7. I agree with commercials after having to pay so much for tv.

    As for filler words..hate them. I never talk like that.

    Now curse words…it is in every day living. You should hesr my kids and grandkids…way over the top. But i have to confess i am guilty of swearing too…sometimes a curse word is the only thing that helps convey how i am feeling.

    1. I never realized I use filler words until I looked up the definition of them. I have never used them several times in a sentence nor do I use the ones I hear so much now.

      You are right about curse words being in every day living…at least for some. I am all for freedom of choice and thankful we can all choose the way we wish to talk and live. As for movies I have no problem watching movies that contain a reasonable amount of them. What I can’t make sense of is when there are 3 or more curse words in 1 sentence. If one accidentally hits their thumb with a hammer and lets out a string of curse words…I get that. But to insert multiple curse words into one sentence as filler words is what I don’t get.

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