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They Came To Steal And Succeeded


The robin that was nesting under my carport disappeared from her nest day before yesterday. I have not seen her or any other robins in my yard since then.


Yesterday afternoon I found an empty house finch nest in the backyard. I have only seen one bird today in my yard…a bluejay.

I am quite sure these huge crows that I took pictures of last year are the thieves. They have been back this year staying in a tree in the neighbor’s yard making lots of noise. Last year I saw one of them steal the last baby robin from the nest, the other three had fledged.

Now the crows are gone so I am assuming they have stolen all the eggs and or babies from my yard. I know it is natural for them to do that but it still makes me very sad. I was looking forward to seeing all those baby birds.

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  1. Awww…sorry Maggie. I understand…sometimes, even though we know it is the way things are…it can still be hard to take. Hope you are well my friend 💜

  2. I feel so sad too reading about these thieves…nature’s ways are not always to our liking. Sometimes I hope we could protect those baby birds, but that is beyond us.

  3. Nature does seem cruel sometimes. At my old house, the sparrows were very nasty to each other – I saw them gang up and kill another sparrow one day outside my office. They seem so little and cute!

  4. our cardinals are the first birds in our yard in a year, out predator was the hawk, he ate all the bird sand all the squirrels. for the first time ever we are squirrelsess

  5. Aww shucks. Mother Nature can be so very cruel sometimes. So sorry, but I’m pretty sure you are correct in your assumptions.

  6. So sorry, Sis. Crows are bold, brash, and sneaky thieves. I realize this is Mother Nature’s way of population control, but it still breaks my heart 😦 The birds have been very active around here. Hawks are always circling for a meal. There is an owl that visits and hoots right outside my bedroom window. I watch them all, but get stressed when the predators come calling. I pray you will have another family of babies. Hugs and love ❤

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