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Lots Of Action This Year At My Place


I am seeing a lot more little critters than usual around my place this year. This is a Northern Green Anole. They can change colors from green to brown and brown to green. This little guy was between the storm door and the entry door at the front of my home. I put him out on the handrail post and got this photo as he was changing colors. I have no idea how he managed to get between the two doors.


This Prairie Lizard was sunning on a block in the back yard. I have seen several of them racing around in the grass. I spotted a Five-lined Skink yesterday but was unable to get a shot of him.


All of the critters, Chancy and I are finally seeing and enjoying some sunshine.  It is always nice to see beautiful sunshine after the rain. We are thankful for them both.

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  1. I often see lizards outside, basking in the sun, but on the rare occasions (two, as far as I can recall) when one managed to get into the house, Shimshi made short work of them before I could rescue the poor things.

  2. Lizards come in our front door frequently and Katie just can’t leave that area. Admiral used to catch them or at least their tails…Katie hasn’t had any luck so far thank goodness.

    1. Isn’t it amazing how they lose their tails and grow new ones? Sweet Admiral I can see her in my mind chasing those lizards. Pooh was somewhere asleep when that one was between the doors or she would have been after it in a flash.

  3. Hello! It is so nice to check in and see you and Chancy enjoying the sunshine and the critters as always. We will try to check in more often, and look forward to seeing more of all the little visitors to your yard. Big hugs from all of us XO

  4. Very cool little critter Maggie! I have never seen an Anole before; they are very cute! I bet Siddhartha Henry would love to chase them all over the place, hahahaha……
    ((Hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

      1. Last year he found the resident toad…”Rhoady the Toady”….even with me at the other end of the lead he chased that poor toad all over the front lawn….it was funny to watch! I hope Rhoady comes back this year. He preferred Nylablue who would just lie in her condo & put a paw out….hehehe….

          1. P SH is hilarious to watch! He acts so kittenish & is adorable. And there I am the great lump at the end fo the leash trying to keep up with them both! Now THAT is fun to watch Maggie! 😉

  5. Great to see that the spring and critters have returned! Hugs from me and nose kisses to Chancy from Dylan ❤

  6. Good to see you and Chancy and to know that the beautiful sun is shining on your beautiful faces!! I am just amazed that we are well into the month of May, and can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. As the days get longer, may you feel the sun shining in your soul, sweet Maggie! Sending lots of love and light ❤ ❤

      1. And right back to you, Maggie!! I thought of you yesterday…I got a somewhat decent capture of a woodpecker!! He was happy to pose…but as it was with my phone and I had to zoom it’s not the best 😉
        Have a super wonderful day!! ❤

        1. Glad you got the pic maybe you can get one soon that you are more pleased with. I have a lot of trial and errors before getting fairly good shots. Hope you are doing well. Hugs

  7. Whenever I am somewhere with lizards, I’m lucky to be able to identify any (and those are usually the iguanas) – I’ll have to pay better attention next time I am around them so I can identify what I’m seeing!

  8. Those lizards were very accommodating about you taking their pics, Mags. Great photos! And we ALWAYS love seeing Chancy Man. 🙂

    Glad you’re enjoying some sunny days!


  9. We have green lizards around here, too, but I don’t know if they are color-changing kind.
    Lovely to see handsome Chancy 🙂 Enjoy sunshine and have a wonderful new week!!

  10. How nice of them to pose for you. I guess Chancy doesn’t chase them, Callie has never caught one but it hasn’t been for not trying. I hope she keeps her record in tact.

  11. Tell Chancy I kissed his grey beard.. I kiss Jake’s a lot… love the lizards, we have a green to white changing one in our garage. sometimes he is green and sometimes white. the anoles in the yard go from light gray to shades between all the way to black.

    1. Awwww, Chancy sends you nose kisses of thanks for the kiss. Very interesting lizard changing from green to white and white to green sounds pretty. Hugs for you sweet friend and nose kisses for sweet Jake.

  12. Hooray for some dry and sunny! It looks like you’re having some fun Chancy and those lizard photos are really, really great!

  13. If that had been Daisy and Bella watching the neighbors, there would have been legs flying and lots of barking-LOL I’m happy you are enjoying sunshine again, Sis. No matter what season it is, that little lizard makes whatever wreath is hanging on the door, it’s home-LOL Enjoy the sunshine and the activity ❤

    1. If it is usual goings on at the neighbors Chancy doesn’t bark. If something out of the ordinary is happening though then he is running the fence like a wild man, baking. LOL I love that the little lizard lives in your wreaths and you allow him to. Love and hugs and give the sweeties some nose kisses. ❤

  14. Love the action at your place, Sis 🙂 I didn’t know the name of the lizards which skitter about our house-now I do. The Northern Green Anole. They are so cute and one of them lives in my door wreath-LOL It is bushy and secluded! Since our storm the other evening, the birds have been twittering and singing every day. Things are so green and growing. Our young tree in the back is now casting shade on the patio in the afternoons. I’m rooting for that young whipper snapper to reach great heights this year. Chancy Man is sure looking handsome-like he posed for his pic 🙂 Huge hugs Sweet Sis and some nose kisses for Chancy Man and Pooh-love you ❤

    1. I am glad you now know the name of the lizards at your place. That is so cool that one lives in your door wreath. Happy that the tree is growing with all the rain and now the sunshine maybe it will grow a lot over the spring and summer. Chancy Man was watching something going on over at the neighbors so I was able to get a pretty good shot of him while being still. 🙂 I deleted this post on FB after I saw that it was showing all of my WP photos when you clicked on the pic. Sorry your comment went with the delete. Thank you for the compliment on the photos sweet Sis. Oodles of hugs all around and some nose kisses for sweet Bella and sweet Daisy. Love you ❤

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