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The Take Over


For awhile we had these visitors one stayed at our place more than at home. The other one was only here occasionally.


This one would sit beneath the Bridal Wreath and just observe all that was going on in the yard.


But this one was a different story. He claimed our yard as his own. He would chase Chancy around and give him a “smacky paw” if he was close enough to him.

One day Chancy barked for me to let him in but he would not come in when I opened the door. He was standing on the sidewalk looking at me as if to say…I need help. I told him to come on if he wanted in and he just kept looking at me with sad eyes. I told him again to come on that it was okay but he would not come in.

I was about to close the door and wait awhile before seeing again if Chancy would come in when out of the corner of my eye I saw something streak by me. I looked down and there was the cat. I scooped him up quickly, opened the door, held him up high and told Chancy to come on in…he was still standing on the sidewalk. He came in while I was holding the cat. I had no idea the cat was there, he was hidden beside the steps. After that day Chancy would not go out in the yard unless I went with him.

The cat also sat on our porch a lot, chased the squirrels and climbed the bird feeder pole in our yard. I use baffles so he could not get to the birds as they were eating but he sure tried a lot.  They have now moved and I am pretty sure Chancy is very happy about that.

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  1. The cats are beautiful! BUT! It always exasperates our Mama when people insist that cats need to be outdoors but then turn a blind eye to the fact that their outdoor cat is causing problems for someone else!! Poor Chancy! Thankfully he has his yard back now 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. Poor Chancy…I am happy he is again the ruler of his own yard! He must have been wondering why the cat thought it owned the yard. I am happy it did not get to the birds! Hugs

  3. I’m certain Chancy is happy!!! It amazes me, Maggie…there has always been this talk of dogs chasing cats…but my experience is the moment they chase those kitties and get swiped with those dang claws…they think twice about that urge!!! Hope you are shining brightly in love, dear heart ❤

  4. Smart Chancy. One on one between a cat and a dog, I’ll bet on the cat every time. One claw to the nose makes a believer out of most dogs. So glad Chancy has his yard back and is once again king.

  5. These kitties are gorgeous! Though, Chancy must be very happy now as he won’t get smacky paws any more 🙂

  6. What a handsome cat he is but I can imagine his *smacky paw* put dear Chancy off…..
    Some cats are so odd; even I can’t figure them out!!!
    I am glad that the people moved with said cat so Chancy feels safe again.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose bumpsss*** Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=
    P.S.: it is GREAT to see TeeLee again…..I remember her from years ago!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my post. When I moved and changed my blog I lost contact with a lot of followers. I know longer can find your blog…if you see this I hope you will let me know how to get to your blog again. Hugs

  7. the face on the one under the bush is just beautiful, but you can’t have ‘wild’ cats keeping chancy from his yard time. glad they moved on.

    1. It is a beautiful cat and it was sweet never bothered anything or anyone. It was the other one that gave us issues. The family lived there about 2 years but they only had the cats the last couple of months that they were there. I am glad of that.

  8. Yep-you were invaded-LOL I can see Chancy Man gingerly venturing outside. Kitties are hunters and that bird feeder had all the right vittles coming around. I bet the two of you are happy to have your place back 😉

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