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I Know What It Is Do You?


I looked out the window a few months ago and saw this.  I had no idea what it was and took this photo. Soon after taking the photo I found out what it was.

Do you know what it is? I thought it would be fun to see what you think it is.

20 Replies to “I Know What It Is Do You?”

  1. Yikes, my first thought was a bird but there are too many things there that don’t belong on a bird. I can’t wait till the big reveal.

  2. I like guessing game 🙂 Hard to tell what it is, though! It kind of looks like a bird, with very long beak!

  3. looks like a long beak – like a Kiwi – but the only N American bird (that I can think of) with a long thin beak is a hummingbird.

  4. Could it be a baby hummingbird. It sure looks like it has a very long beak.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. You are right that it looks like it has a very long beak…we will see if you guessed right later today.

  5. We tried to hold the picture upside down and sideways, but we’re still not sure. Depending on where you live, we think it’s from the sea. Like a baby shark or something.

  6. Thank you, Sis 🙂 I think you’ve got a whole lot of us spinning our wheels over it-LOL

  7. A bewilderment for sure, Sis 🙂 To me, it looks like a bird preening its feathers. I think I see a claw, a beak, and tail feathers-LOL My imagination runneth over-:)

    1. I was sure bewildered when I saw it I could not figure out what it was. Will tell how I found out sometime tomorrow. I am proud of you for giving it a go and guessing. Hugs ❤

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