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This Is What I Usually See


This is the way I usually see Mourning Doves sunbathing.  I watched this one to see if it was going to do anything to amaze me but it didn’t. Sometimes I see them like this but with their eyes closed and other times with their head under their wing but not belly up like the one in the last post was.

I had a lot of fun reading all of the guesses on the last photo and hope you all had as much fun as I did. All of you that guessed a bird did well. When I first saw it I had no idea what it was. It took me a minute or two to figure out that it was a bird. I wish I had gotten a close-up of the other one but the bird got up too soon for me to get any other photos.

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  1. These are probably my favorite bird. I love the cooing and that they are always with their mate. The colors on this one are so pretty. I love the muted earth tones. Thanks for always posting such beauty.

  2. Our Mourning Doves used to lie like yours under the Spruce tree….now we rarely see the birds…so I REALLY enjoy your posts Maggie!
    Hard to believe it has been 3 years w/out the trees in front!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  3. We do love the mourning doves. They do that beautiful cooing, and we love seeing them in our yard.

  4. I enjoyed the game even though I missed the mark widely. I love doves. They seem so gentle and unhurried.

  5. The construction of a bird’s body is absolutely amazing. They have studied their bones to come up with metals that have strength and lightness in flight and tried to copy that model. . The way a humming bird can fly backwards or forwards has also been studied to see if there is a way to duplicate that capacity to reverse and go forward so quickly. Other birds have beautiful colours and habits too. animals are just as complex. How fortunate we are to be blessed with such charm and beauty.

  6. Ah yes, this mourning dove looks like mourning dove unlike the belly-up one in the last posts 🙂 I see them around our home – usually a couple. They are adorable 🙂

  7. Hi Mags, I love the dove picture. I have many in my yard. They are so loveable.

    Blogger change my account again and I’m rather annoyed. They did not give me a choice and i lost all my contacts and I have to reenter them into this new account which is very time consuming. I’m sure others have had something like this happen to them.

    Enjoy your new week. Hugs, Julia

  8. Our Mama LOVES Mourning Doves. When she was a little girl, she thought they were named, MORNING Doves 😀 Thanks for the lovely photo!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. they are so sweet and pretty and quite dumb.. lol…. other birds know to lift off quickly when the dog gets close, they just sit there

    1. They are too trusting and they also can’t lift off as quickly as other birds do. They are laid back take it easy birds. I am glad Chancy never bothers them. He only chases squirrels, rabbits and bugs.

  10. Beautiful pic, Sis. I did enjoy the guessing-LOL It was an unusual picture of something I had never seen a bird do. Love your eye and camera technique. I look forward to more beautiful pictures ❤

    1. Thank you, Sis. I am glad you enjoyed the guessing game. I sure had never seen anything like it and would have been quite surprised if anyone had guessed what it was. Hugs ❤

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