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What I saw early this morning




Because of the light poles and street signs in the foreground I was unable to get shots of the gorgeous sun rays that I saw this morning as the sun came up over the mountain in front of my home.

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  1. What beautiful, soul-warming photos, Maggie. Even though you did not capture exactly what you wanted, these captures are lovely!

    1. Early morning is probably my favorite part of the day especially on the mornings when the sun comes up over the mountain.

  2. Miss Maggie you do the most beautiful pictures I always feel like I’m looking at natures purest form

    1. Thank you so much. In the second one I did get just a tad of the sun rays I was seeing and wishing to capture.

  3. Sometimes a photo that doesn’t turn out quite like you hoped can still hold the memory you wanted !

  4. WOW! Ethereal sweet Sis! You’ve captured the light and I thank you for sharing. Cheryl and I have noticed the light of fall in the sky. It always grabs your attention doesn’t it? The heat is still on, but change is on the way. Sending lots of hugs and love your way ❤

    1. You are welcome. I a seeing a little bit of fall signs here too. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the beauty I actually saw…just too many obstacles in the way. I am looking forward to the change coming. Love you sweet Sis. ❤

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