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To Drive A Truck…Why?

I heard the other day about a company that requires all their employees to have a college education. This company delivers packages, now tell me why would one need a college education to drive a vehicle and deliver packages. It seems more and more employers are doing this. No wonder, it is hard for some people to acquire employment.

There are always going to be jobs for people that are not white-shirt and tie, behind a desk job. Some people really enjoy the work they do, be it digging ditches, reading utility meters, hauling trash, repairing motor vehicles, mining in the dirty, dusty, dangerous coal mines, delivering newspapers or mail. I could go on and on listing the thousands of jobs that people are working on everyday that keep our world turning and making our lives easier, but none of these positions require a college education to fulfill their duties.

Not all who graduate high school are interested in college and have no desire to go even if they have money to attend. The schools push all students to attend college. Why do they do this? It is stressful for some students in school and with being told it is best for them to go to college so they can get a better paying job makes it more stressful for them.

A college education is great and I am thankful there are scholarships that help those attend that could not attend otherwise. Some jobs require a college education and more training even after college and that is understandable. I believe though that we need to recognize that going to college is not everyone’s desire nor necessary.

I have a dear friend who is considered one of the best in her field, she makes very good money. Her job and the positions of the others that work in her division are vital to our country and someone is working there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When my friend applied for the job she was tested and they did an extensive background check on her from the day of her birth till the minute she applied for the job but she was not required to have a college education. She has worked there for many years and has done well because she has the natural abilities and talents to perform her job well. No college education needed.

I also know people who are working for minimum wage or a little more than minimum wage who have a college education. Others I know attended college, studied and worked hard and still cannot find employment after college because they have ‘no training’ for doing the job they applied for. How did that college education help them? I know people who have been turned down for job positions and were told they are over qualified for the job. To me that makes no sense, students are pushed to get a college education and then they can’t get a job because they are over qualified? Explain that one to me. What a mess, no wonder some young people are so confused about what to do to make a living for themselves.

I would love to see the schools give all students choices in after high school training and not try to make college a need for all. Let there be lots of ‘on the job’ training available, add more variety to the vo-tech classes and find other helpful resources for those who prefer not to attend college and stop putting pressure on them to attend when it is not necessary for the job they are planning for. Make packets and have conferences with them like the counselors do for the ‘want to be’ college bound students and treat those who do not want to go to college as if they are the important students that they are. If financing is needed to help with training then put in place scholarships for the non college bound students as well.

Maybe if schools and society would not cause people to feel inferior because they do not want or have a college education a lot of our young people would be a lot less stressed and enjoy school more. And please…why would an employer think it necessary to have a college education to drive a truck? How ridiculous is that?

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  1. Perhaps some firms use it as a weeding out tool. When I worked in banking, I had high school diploma only. Those of color who applied for the same job I had, were required to have a college degree. This was many years ago. I sure hope reasoning behind the diploma has changed.

  2. So agree with you Mags! College is not for everyone- it was not for me- but the world was different then I think. I think a college degree in a specific field can help someone land a job they may want, but for many it is 4 years and then nothing. My path came after working 4 years and then deciding to enter the field I had been working in by going to a specific school in that field

  3. College is not only way overrated but way over priced too, it’s simply not worth that much money. Your post was right on the money!

  4. I was in my early thirties before I realized the value of a college education. However I’ve met some highly education fools in my time too who wouldn’t be able to drive a big rig truck. So it depends on a persons interests. I don’t think people should have to do a college education if their interests lie elsewhere and they have the skills to do the job.

  5. Good points Sweet Sis. I have no idea why one would need a college education to drive a truck. I did watch a report about self-driving trucks. They are going to drive themselves on the highways. As they get closer to a city, technicians at computers will take over and guide them remotely to their final destination. The world is changing and I know the arrow of time is always moving forward. I just miss the way things used to be. Young people could take shop and learn how to be a mechanic or a welder. Business courses like typing and bookkeeping were also offered. A student could graduate high school with skills to get a job. I guess I’m an old-fogey.

    1. I hope those self-driving trucks don’t happen for many years yet…not real sure I want to travel the highways with one. I know Wal*mart has one they have tested. I went a long way and made good money in my working days with a high school education and typing skills. I never had a problem getting a job and they willingly trained me to do other positions all because I could type. If that makes you an old-fogey sweet Sis then I am too. I believe there are still a lot of jobs out there that do not need someone with a college education to do them. There needs to be more trade schools and less trying to get all high school graduates to attend college.

      1. You are so right, Sis. Trade schools give people opportunities for good paying jobs. I worked for a company that preferred to train their people to work for them. I keep seeing AI’s doing more of the jobs in this country and that saddens me. I heard a report that said AI’s will be doing 48% of people jobs in the next 20 years. What are people going to do?

          1. Exactly. How are humans supposed to care for their families if there are no jobs for them. I try to think positive thoughts for the future, but I keep seeing humans being removed from life’s equation.

            1. Me too it is like they want to get rid of a lot of us. I am glad I am not young but I think a lot about the younger generation and wonder how it is going to be with them.

              1. When I was in the work force, I managed to keep a jump ahead of the jobs being phased out. I started worrying back then about what mankind’s roll would be in the future. Humans need food, medical care, and wages. Machines just keep on going without all that expense. I hate sounding bleak, but it bothers me.

  6. You are absolutely right. Having a college education give students more choice in their job search but not everyone needs it in the job they choose, especially in truck driving. The college are the one benefitting from the money they make off the students.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Someone is making a lot of money because they sure charge a lot for those degrees. I have a lot to say about the money brought in by colleges, especially in the sports programs and where it goes…but that is another rant. lol

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