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Yum, Yum


No worries on these little critters ever going hungry around my place.  They really enjoy the pine cones and there are lots of pine trees.

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    1. Yes it is and they love digging up flower seed and eating some flowers too. Little stinkers dug up all my flower seeds one year. I still enjoy watching them and their antics though.

  1. Hello Maggie
    Hard to believe I am on your blog. It has been way to long. I do get to see you on facebook from time to time.
    I have missed blogging but not sure if I can get back to writing or not.
    I am on here now because I finally got internet back after I don’t know how I have not had it. It was too slow and too expensive. I am trying the hotspot on my phone and will see if that works. Hopefully enough where I can at least check on my friends now and then.
    Love your awesome picture of this squirrel. Your photographic skills are always amazing.
    Do take care and so glad I visited.

    1. Sweet Maggie so nice of you to come by for a visit. I am glad I get to see you on FB since you are not blogging right now. Happy for you that you now have internet. I hope the hotspot on your phone keeps working for you. I am glad you liked the picture of the squirrel. I enjoy taking pictures of them and sharing them. I too am glad you visited dear Maggie. Love and hugs

  2. Cute picture. Didn’t know they ate pine cones. I have a yard full of cones but no squirrels. Sigh.

    1. Thank you Sarah. You take amazing pictures so those squirrels must not cooperate like like Choppy and Schooner do. You are sure get great pictures of them and other things.

  3. A great photo… Squirrels are fun to watch and they all have different personalities but we have an over population here and they eat all the bird seeds. I used to feed them on the deck and this male would not allow the nursing female to eat until he had his fill.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thank you. They can be cute, ornery and sometimes destructive. I had a problem with them eating bird seed for a few years. Now they only get what the birds drop on the ground since I have feeders they can’t get in with baffles under them. I really enjoy them because they can be funny at times too.

    1. Well that isn’t very nice of them…those things hurt too. I don’t see how they eat those sharp things but they can chew them right down to the center part and leave it on the ground. They eat them like we eat apples. 🙂

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