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It Touched My Hand

I opened the gate to let Chancy in the front yard when something touched my hand…do you see it? I love it when these interesting insects come to visit me they always make me smile. I can watch them for long periods of time and smile the whole time. They don’t mind being in your hand or crawling on your arm, but I have to warn you…where they touch you brings a tickling sensation. 🙂


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  1. Wow! How neat that you were visited by a walking stick. And that it touched your hand!

  2. WOW a Walking stick right Maggie??? I’ve never had one touch me. I have had Praying Mantis sit on my hand & they tickle also. Some of the insects in this world are simply awesome in their simplicity. We’ve had an explosion of Ladybugs here this weekend…they are all over & so cute!
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  3. I think all creatures great and small are wondrous. Just like in the desert I was sitting there and a hummingbird came to visit. No more than maybe 3 inches from my nose it watched me and I watched it just hover there for maybe 2 minutes.

  4. How cool is that walking stick!! I haven’t seen one for years and years! Would make me smile too!

  5. I’m a little happier viewing rather than wearing creatures. Glad he didn’t bother you and made you smile.

    1. Those creatures are helping get me through some difficult times right now. Thanks for visiting and commenting sweet Ian. Will be around to visit you when things are better here. Hugs

    1. They are very interesting creatures. Some people keep them as pets and they do well. I would not want to do that I like the wildlife being where they were meant to be.

  6. Hi Mags, how lucky you are to have stick insects living in your area. My granddaughter got some stick insects from a friend of her father when she was very young and raised them in an aquarium tank without water of course and in no time she had a lot of stick insects in the tank. they were a real treat to see. Our climate is way too cold to have those live outside in our area.

    Take care and have a great weekend. Hugs, Julia

  7. Is it dragonfly? How lovely it made you smile! Though, if a insect came to visit me, I would scream lol 🙂

  8. Wow! I’ve only seen pics of these insects! What a treat. You’ve brought a smile to my face and the wonder of nature to my eyes. Wishing you, Pooh, and Chancy Man a great day-love you, Sis ❤

    1. Love it when I know I bring a smile to you. Hope you get to see one of these interesting creatures at some point. Hope you sweet Bella, sweet Daisy, and the family are all doing well my sweet Sis. Love you ❤

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