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Chancy And I Want You To Meet O’Pee



This is my resident opossum, he has lived at my place for quite some time.  I have named him O’Pee.  These pictures do not show his size…trust me he is huge. When I am out on the porch with him he is fine and I talk to him.  He doesn’t mind me getting near him and taking pictures. I was about 4 feet from him taking these pictures. If Chancy goes out with me then O’Pee gets nervous and begins drooling but he never makes a sound.  Chancy doesn’t bark at him and I am glad of that. He is a very smart and sweet dog and has learned that I love all critters and he is kind to them. I am just so blessed to have him, Pooh and the wild critters around me.

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  1. Yue O’Pee iss berry innterestin creature Aunty! Mee nevurr seen an Oh-possum befur! Mee thott “Of course O’Pee not scared of you! Yur like LadyMum. All creeturess luv both of youss!”
    Wee missess have wild creeturess here….not aloud to feed birdss or any animalss. Sumtimess wee wishess wee could move away…. *sighsss*
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  2. ..Cute name! I’m amazed that your sweet pup doesn’t get upset and bark! Good dog!

  3. hello mags its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore frend opee seems to be a lot frendlier then my frend vermin!!! maybe that is becuz vermin got mad at us all for kalling her vermin insted of wotever her reel naym is??? ok bye

  4. Hi there, O’Pee. It’s nice to meet you. Mags and Chancy are awesome, so we are glad you feel okay hanging out around them.

    Mags, these are wonderful pictures. Hugs to you, Pooh and Chancy Man!

  5. We had one that took up residence in our bird house as we used to leave feed outside that little house for birds and they nested and produced young in that box too. The birds tolerated him taking a sleep there, but when he took up residence and began to eat their food each day they drove him out quickly. lol

    1. I could picture those birds protecting their food and it gave me a laugh. Birds are good at chasing things away much larger than they are.

  6. Wow O’Pee is very cute! And Chancy is so sweet to be kind to him. I’ve never seen opossum in person. It’s wonderful you are so close comfortably with each other. xo

  7. O’Pee is such a fabulous name for a possum! Ours don’t let me get that close, but it’s probably that they don’t want Choppy that close, and she’s almost always only a few steps from me.

  8. What an extra special relationship you enjoy with O’Pee 🙂 I had possums visit my place when I lived in California, but Goober and Pippers barked at them. They treed one and what a day of barking! I wish they could have been like Sweet Chancy Man. Your pictures and experience are truly amazing! Thank you for sharing Sweet Sis ❤

    1. The neighbor dogs bark at them but Chancy knows they are our friends so he does not bark at them. I am glad you enjoy seeing the pictures I post. Thank you for all the nice comments you leave sweet Sis. ❤

  9. How cool you can get so close and the Chancy doesn’t harm him. I had one for a while but Callie kept putting the poor creature into artificial death so much that she moved on.

  10. Miss Maggie you have the neighborhood menagerie, birds, cats ,dogs, now possums!! you are amazing!!

    1. They do love my place for some reason and I am glad they do. I really love and enjoy watching all of God’s creatures. I have learned a lot from them over the years.

  11. O’Pee is cute and I’m glad he’s befriended you. You really got some nice close-up shots of him. It must be interesting watching him hanging around. I wonder if he’s got a family nearby. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Julia

  12. he is adorable, i would do the same, possums are not vicious and don’t bite. i would not pick one up or pet but they are really cute and good guys. the babies are really cute. love O’pee..

    1. Yes, they are good and beneficial to us. They eat lots of ticks and other pests. I do not pick up any wildlife unless it is an injured one that I could help in some way. I am glad you like my O’Pee.

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