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18 Replies to “Playing In The Trees”

  1. Meeyou grate fotoss’ of yur squirrel furend Aunty Maggie! Mee not seen a squirrel since Novemburr here…..
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  2. Hi Maggie!
    I had a “pet” squirrel once, named “Blondie” (because it looked like someone bleached his tail blond) and he would sit on my deck with me while I studied for school…and eat white cheddar cheese popcorn!! He would take it right out of my hand!! 😁😁
    Your post reminded me of him 😁
    Hope you are well 💜

  3. I think squirrels are absolutely delightful! I could watch them all day. I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs and love!

  4. Oh my! Adorable pics of this furry squirrel playing in the tree-LOL What a fun part of your day, Sweet Sis. Thank you for sharing ❤

    1. Thank you sweet Sis. He was full of energy and sailing through the trees but I managed to get a few pictures of the little scamper. ❤

      1. LOL-they do move fast and your shots of that little jumper are spot on, Sis 🙂 Brought a big smile to my day-thank you ❤

  5. Lovely photos. nature – wonderful to watch and to capture on the camera. Love and hugs from Mary & Benji x x x

  6. Is there a better or cleverer athlete in the animal kingdom than a squirrel. Love to watch them.

  7. Nice photography. I have one of those little creatures who ate a big hole in my compost bin. I was not impressed, lol… but they sure are agile and crafty… They are great problem solvers.
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Oh, thank you sweet Julia. Shame on him for making a hole in your compost bin. He could smell something tasty in there I guess. Hope you are doing well. Hugs

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