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Nice Start To My Morning


When I went out to get my newspaper this morning a mocking bird sitting in a tree above the paper tube began whistling at me. I guess it saw something I didn’t see when I looked in the mirror this morning. πŸ™‚ I whistled back and we continued to whistle back and forth until I went back in the house. It made me smile and even giggled as we continued to whistle. What a great way to start my Monday morning.

I have a special way to whistle when calling Chancy and sometimes he can’t tell if it is me or a mocking bird whistling, that is how good those birds are at mimicking. When he can’t tell if it is me or a bird he will look at me and if I don’t say “come” then he knows it is the bird. The bird seems to find pleasure in trying to fool Chancy.

It is rare to see one at the bird feeder. They are usually on the ground or in a tree when I see them. They are fruit eaters and I have fruit in the feeder off and on. I was lucky to capture the picture above sometime back when one was eating fruit at the feeder.


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  1. What a lovely photo of that mocking bird, Mags. They are amazing! When I lived in the city, some of the mocking birds would imitate the car alarms. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not heard it for myself. πŸ™‚

  2. I chuckled reading this post, Mags! I could almost hear your ‘conversation’ with the mocking bird. What a nice morning! I’m almost sure that bird enjoyed the ‘game’ with Chancy! Dylan and I wish you a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  3. Thank you for this lovely share of your moments with the mockingbird. I love them and their whistles πŸ™‚ I don’t see many around our place. Hugs Sweet Sis ❀

  4. What a fun to interact with mocking bird like that! They are smart and must be enjoying mocking everyone around them πŸ™‚ Such a great photo of the birdie!

  5. What a cool interaction and how neat–except for Chancy. That bird is a tease. They are a favorite bird. Amazing the variety they come up with.

  6. Very very wonderful way to start the day Maggie!! when I lived on the West Hill I had a Mockingbird who would come visit….he could imitate the neighbor’s cat Monty! The bird was hilarious…..Aren’t birds lovely creatures???
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  7. we hear our mocking bird but have yet to see him. he does mimick other sounds and bob like to whistle at him to make him do his thing. this one is so sweet

  8. That is a great picture and your feeder looks like it is a 5-star restaurant for birds!! How fun that Chancy tries to distinguish between your whistle and the mockingbird! Have a great week!

  9. What fun you had with that smart bird…and what a lucky shot of the Mocking Bird. I only saw one once and it was way up overhead on the power line and when I looked up, it looked black against the bright sky but I knew it was a Mocking Bird because it was mocking a whole bunch of different birds sounds. I never see those birds in our Northern area and I think it was just passing through. We have Cat Birds that sound just like a meowing cat. After a while, they get annoying.lol…
    Have a great day sweet Mags.
    Hugs, Julia

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