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I Let Them Grow


This rabbit and her one baby lived under my storage shed for 2 years. They enjoyed the dandelions and other plants around my place. I think well-manicured lawns are beautiful but I love wildlife more. Some plants that are considered to be weeds and an eyesore to lawns to me is food for the critters that choose to live at my place. I don’t mind at all that those plants are scattered among the grass that is kept looking nice thanks to the nice man that comes regularly to mow and trim for me.

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  1. I have been in that first store Sam Walton built, we drove for J.B. Hunt in 1983 and 84, and his home is there to. now i know how to picture where you live

  2. Ha ha on the fall over with the other leg… love these rabbits. not sure how i missed this post, i have it in my feedly. nose kisses were delivered to Jake, he suffers from lack of attention and kisses. HA HA

  3. What lovely little rabbits! We sometimes get a few here & they are so much fun to watch! I love wildlife around me; makes me feel part of the larger world Maggie.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❀

  4. I love these beautiful photos, Mags. Wildlife is so special, isn’t it? How wonderful that you let those plants grow, so that the critters can have a source of food.

  5. How cute!! Love bunnies and mine really like clover which covers my yard. They live under my porch. Callie and the bunny get their daily exercise running after and from so the bunny is doing her job.

  6. Love the pics, Sis ❀ I had two bunnies as a child They were a source of comfort and fun πŸ™‚

  7. How cute! I am glad you have such little critters living close to you, in addition to all the birds that visit you. I love wildlife more too πŸ™‚ Dylan and I wish you all a wonderful spring week! Hugs

  8. Hi Mags, your furry friend is part of the ecosystem. It’s great that you enjoy the wild animals more than an immaculate lawn. I bet the rabbits can take care of all those tasty dandelions for free. It’s a beautiful animal but they can soon overpopulate. You know the saying, They multiply like rabbits. lol
    Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog I appreciate it very much.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Such precious photos of the bunny. We have a huge pile of limbs in our back yard and the birds, deer and rabbit love that too. I hope you have a nice day. We have heavy rain today!

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