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Can You Spot It?

I am sorry you are seeing Chancy in a blur…but he was on the move and I didn’t have my best camera in hand.

There is something that was fussing at Chancy and was very loud. Chancy could have cared less about all that loud fussing he just kept on going about his business.

Can you see in the last photo what was fussing at him?

(I will approve and post all comments in a few days. It will be fun to see how many of you guessed what it is.)



20 Replies to “Can You Spot It?”

  1. We see that it was a bird with a tufted head. Is it a waxwing, maybe?

    It’s always nice seeing Chancy Man. Hugs to you both, and Pooh, too!

  2. Chancy is looking handsome as always! Can’t figure out what was fussing at him.
    P.S. I’ve been having trouble commenting on some of WP blogs but I think I can now 🙂

  3. Ahhh-a mystery afoot! Chancy man is on the case and ready to resolve 🙂 I can’t tell what is stirring up the mayhem, but I’ll guess a squirrel-LOL Looking forward to seeing this case file close. Nose kisses to Detective Chancy ❤

  4. Good Morning, Blessings to you this Sunday. Chancy is precious. Our little dog ignores everything too, when he is in the yard. That might be a mama Cardinal??

  5. Hi, I think it was a loud red daddy cardinal… thanks for your comments about our health. we are hanging in right now

  6. Was Chancy chasing a butterfly? That’s my guess. He does look busy at something.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog Mags. It always makes me very happy when you stop by. Hugs, Julia

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