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That Was A Lot Of Fun

I really enjoyed reading all the guesses on my last post…it was a lot of fun. Some of you guessed right. Thank you for playing along.


It was a mama cardinal, she had a nest with babies in the crepe myrtle just a few feet from where Chancy was. I don’t know if this is a picture of the same bird or not. I took this picture in late winter of a bird sitting in the same crepe myrtle.

The babies have now fledged and it is much quieter now when Chancy goes out and investigates. πŸ™‚

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  1. That WAS fun, Mags! Nice to know the baby cardinals have flown the coop, and that Chancy Man can enjoy being under the tree with some peace and quiet now. πŸ™‚

    1. I wish I could have peeked but they were too high up and well protected by leaves for me to see them.

  2. Beautiful! Watching the birds raise their young is a privilege. We have a lot of that going on at our place-LOL Oh, the racket! Thank you, Sis, for this precious moment in my day-love it ❀

    1. I agree it is a privilege to watch the birds raise their young. I understand the racket. lol It has quieted down a lot here since all the babies have fledged. We didn’t have many this year as you know most were stolen from their nests. You are welcome sending love, hugs and nose kisses to all. ❀

    1. Yes she was and she kept her babies well camouflaged too. I would loved to have seen them. You are welcome. Hugs back to you from AR.

  3. We have a couple living in our powder puff bush, in the danger zone of Jakeasauras, but so far he is blind and deaf and has not noticed them. the daddy cardinal is flying in and out right now…. Kate Spade was a fashion designer that just killed herself, I had never heard of her either

  4. His dear Mags. I was quite wrong at guessing. I think the picture of the butterfly really tricked me.
    I hope your family of Cardinals all survive. They are such pretty birds and I love their songs. We have some around our house and they bring me joy.
    Stay well and enjoy your friendly critters.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. The babies did survive and have now fledged. I haven’t seen them or the mama so don’t know where they are now. Yes, they are pretty birds and I love hearing their songs. I am happy to hear that you have some and that they bring you joy….much needed joy right now. Love and hugs to you sweet Julia.

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