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They Don’t Come Often

Beautiful little Indigo Buntings. They do not come often to visit my yard but I sure enjoy them when they do. A few years ago I spotted 12 of them together in my backyard.  I apologize for the blurred photos, but if you could have seen the window and the small area I had to get these shots from I think you would understand. I wanted to share these little beauties with you. Their blue feathers are just amazing.


11 Replies to “They Don’t Come Often”

  1. OMG they are gorgeous Maggie!!! Mary-Ellen who lives 15-20 miles North of me said she had some lovely blue colored birds at the farm. I was clueless til I saw your photos! Now I can tell her what they were. buntings are beautiful….
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

  2. I wish you were here to enjoy these fresh-picked strawberries with me! They are so sweet and flavorful. I’ve been eating them with cereal in the mornings and I had a few after supper with a little vanilla yogurt. Wouldn’t we have fun chatting?
    Hope you have a restful night. xo

  3. Those Blue Bunting are absolutely beautiful. You are so lucky to have them visiting even though they are not coming often. They are not coming around here and I hope that someday they may come for a visit.

    Your photos are great despite the difficulty you had at taking their photos. Thanks for sharing these beauties with us and I hope they will return more often.
    Hugs, Julia

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