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Tenacious Little Critter


It took him a few weeks of trying before he finally figured out how to get to the bird feeder filled with sunflower seeds.  He could not get to it from the top because of the baffle. He finally learned he could jump from the porch rail to the feeder. He grabbed on with one of his back feet then would swing over near the port and grab hold with a front paw. He then quickly grabbed a seed or seeds and jumped back down to the rail to eat. He repeated the routine until he got his fill or was disturbed. He was too fast getting up and back down for me to ever get a picture of him hanging on the feeder.

He seemed to have never tired of trying and he sure never gave up. He learned how to get food from every feeder but one. He was hilarious at times with some of the positions he got in and how he would catch himself after every fall from the feeder. He was one smart little squirrel.


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  1. The squirrels are masters of invention! I used to watch them doing all kinds of acrobatics in our Maryland garden. They can give us many smiles with their tenacity … role modeling the ‘never give up’ mindset. Lovely captures, dear Mags ❤ Many hugs from both of us!

    1. Yes, it is amazing to watch the squirrels work at getting food. This little one sure was not about to give up.

    1. I have learned a lot from watching wildlife. Thank you for the compliment. I take very little credit for the photos without a good camera and great subjects there would be no publishing of photos. 🙂

  2. There is a lesson to be learned from this tenacious little creatures…never give up….keep trying….
    And Maggie your photos’ are lovely & really capture the squirrel’s personality!
    {{{hugs}}} & ❤ Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    1. I also saw it as a lesson…much can be learned from watching wildlife and other things in nature. Thank you for the compliment on the photos. I have a good camera and good subjects. Hugs back to you sweet friend.

  3. Wow, amazing he figured out how to get the seeds! He is tenacious indeed and very smart! Great photos of him 🙂

  4. LOL-What a brilliant thinker! Great snaps of this little one showing his prowess and smarts ❤ Thank you for sharing a delightful bird feeder saga-LOL

  5. What a smartie. I am a huge fan of squirrels They are smart problem solvers and athletic as can be besides being so darn cute.

  6. Great pictures of this little one, Maggie. They are amazing! Their ability to problem solve is really remarkable, isn’t it?

  7. We watch our squirrels all of the time and they seem to taunt our ferals, sometimes they even run up and grab some cat food from the feral bowls.

    1. Yes they are and I agree they are entertaining to watch. They have given me many laughs over the years.

  8. adorable little critters, we have a love/hate relationship with ours. they are smart and can figure out how to get to the food no matter what you do to it

    1. I agree that they are adorable. I have been able to keep them out of one feeder. It is on a pole about 6 feet high and away from anything they can jump from to get to the feeder. I put a baffle on the pole a few inches beneath the feeder and they can’t climb up the pole to get to the feeder. I have spent many hours watching them try to get to that feeder and they just can’t do it.

  9. I can remember my daughter lamenting the fact that squirrels were getting into her strawberry patch so she built a special protective wire cage to keep them out. The next morning she found the squirrels inside the cage eating merrily. They’d figured out how to get in, but they couldn’t get out. LOL

    1. This gave me an out loud laugh. I guess those squirrels were smart but not quite smart enough. I think the little critters will eat just about anything. They ate my potted plants when I had them…they would also dig up seed and eat them so I finally stopped trying to have potted flowers.

  10. Oh I tell you, those squirrels are mighty smart. Bird feeder builders could learn a thing or two from them. Great pictures… When I was recuperating from breast cancer in 2003, I had time to observe them and I can tell you, they are amazingly intelligent creatures…

    The male would not let the mother squirrel eat before he had his fill and h would chase her away while he filled his selfish belly. I could see the mother waiting on the side till he was finished eating before she would go get her share. I could tell she was nursing and another thing I noticed is that every squirrel had different markings that I could identify each one of them. They are playful and full of acrobatic skills, but they are really little pests if you know what I mean.
    Have a great weekend. HUgs, Julia

    1. I do know what you mean sweet Julia. Those males can be selfish and ornery. They are smart and I really do enjoy watching them. Hope you are having a great weekend. Hugs

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