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Bit Of Thievery Going On

Watching me as I was standing at the window watching him with camera in hand. If you look closely you will see some black oil sunflower seeds clutched to his chest. He had just jumped from the bird feeder after steeling them. He didn’t care how long I stood there snapping the camera he was not going to let go of those seeds. 🙂

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  1. He’s got a firm grip on those seeds, for sure! Great photos, as always, Maggie. I love that your industrious (albeit thieving) squirrel subject posed so nicely for you. 🙂

  2. You positively take the best animal pictures. You really catch the personality of the animal or bird. I do love the squirrels. They are so entertaining.

  3. LOL-Who? Me? The look on this squirrel’s face is priceless. It’s like a little kid caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar 🙂 Thank you for the heart and smiles, Sis-love you ❤

    1. I felt sorry for him and finally moved from the window. He wanted those seeds so much that I am not sure he would have ever gotten down as long as I was at the window. He jumped down to the porch and ate those seeds as soon as I moved from the window. I watched him from another window. You are welcome sweet Sis, love you too. ❤

  4. Cheeky squirrel, hehehehe!! I think he’s keeping the seeds under the “Finder’s Keeper’s” rule Maggie. I love your interaction with Nature…..
    And Nature obviously loves you!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubsss~~ Purrince Siddhartha~~

    1. He certainly wasn’t going to give them up. lol Nature and I get along well. Hugs to you and nose kisses for Siddhartha I hope all is getting better for you two.

      1. I’m not sure how things are Maggie. There’s been a lot of drama here again & I’m so fed up with things…..anyway we shall survive. Purrince Siddhartha will see Vet Aug.28th if all goes to plan….

          1. Thank you Maggie! This past week was even worse than I expected. a good friend died; Mary-Ellen ended up in EMERG due to BP issue; Sheila’s fave cat BABY was injured in car accident & died. He was kept overnight & leg was adjusted. He died at home & her husband found Baby. My Sister tried an air raid attack on me; but I was at the friend’s funeral.
            At least Purrince Siddhartha is all right & I’m stable too!
            Life sure can be challenging can’t it?

              1. Since Saturday things have been quieter Maggie! It is now Tuesday & I think I’ve regained my composure, lol…..
                It is raining ‘cats & dogs’ here which is fine by me. I can get caught up on comments!! 😉

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