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A Feeder of Their Own

Some years back I was having problems with squirrels at the bird feeders. Hanging a bird feeder filled with corn and peanuts low to the ground turned out very well. It was so much fun watching them empty that feeder.  Having the means to video them would have been great.

The photos were taken before I purchased a better camera so I apologize for the quality of them.

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  1. Great idea Mags! I enjoy watching squirrels too, but they drive my dog crazy, so I discourage them as much as I can.

    1. I would be doing the same as you if they upset Chancy. The only time he chases them is if I am outside and they are around.

  2. Smart idea. I know they can eat a lot of birdseed but squirrels get hungry in winter also. They are also wonderfully amusing and athletic to watch. I really wish I had some here but they prefer my neighbor who has several squirrel dogs. Go figure.

    1. I agree with you. I find they love peanuts over all else but they are too expensive to feed them only peanuts. I don’t mind that they eat birdseed just as long as they don’t chew my feeders. Strange about the squirrels and your neighbor.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed those little critters. They were hilarious watching them in real time. Sure wish I had been able to video them.

    1. They were for sure…they were having as much fun as we were watching them. Sorry I haven’t been visiting you for awhile….will make it some time. Hugs and nose kisses to all from all of us.

  3. I love this idea, Maggie! Those little critters sure are fun, and it’s so nice of you to think of them and their food needs, too. πŸ™‚

    1. I am glad you stopped by, always a treat to see you here. Sorry I don’t make it to your blog often. I can’t stand for any living thing to not have nourishment. Hugs

      1. No need to apologize. We’re thankful for your friendship, and glad to see you whether it’s here or at our blog. πŸ™‚ Hugs to you, Pooh and Chancy!

  4. Ohhh-so sweet πŸ™‚ These pics made my day so much brighter. Thank you, Sis, for sharing ❀

  5. what a super idea!!! I love this…. give them their own buffet and they will leave the birds alone.

    1. It works but they can sure empty that feeder in a short period of time. I needed one that didn’t have such large places for the peanuts and corn to come through.

  6. What a clever idea. I had the same problem with squirrels eating the bird seeds and I even tried sqirrel proof feeders, even attaching bird feeders on the window glass and they would jump from quite a distance on the bird feeders and even chewing the plastic bases.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. For years I looked for feeders that would keep squirrels out. I have finally found some this year and now the squirrels cannot get to the seed. I have chewed feeders and baffles from those pesky little thieves. πŸ™‚ If I remember right they can jump around 10 feet. They are smart little critters. Hugs

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