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I Couldn’t Resist

It had been raining for days and the window was dirty, but I could not resist getting shots of these two beautiful flickers out and about during a break in the rain.

21 Replies to “I Couldn’t Resist”

  1. Flickers are great, aren’t they? Great shots of these two, Maggie!

    Big hugs to you and Chancy. We hope you’re doing well. XO

    1. Yes they are. Thank you. We are getting a little better each day…I still look for PoohGirl. Thank you for the hugs.

      1. Yes and the winter birds are different than the summer birds. We get woodpeckers in the winter and of course hummingbirds in the summer. Many more of course but too many to mention.

  2. Wonderful shots of such pretty birds with their varying patters of patches , stripes and dots.

  3. It is so fascinating to watch wildlife at work. Somehow they survive the rigors of seasonal change and are always busy. The only animals on welfare are the ones we cage up 🙂 They busily work to harvest from the plenty of the earth and know when and where to move to stay alive.

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