Just Simple Things

Gathering Twigs

Gathering twigs for nest
Gathering twigs and enjoying sunshine
That is a pretty big twig.

We have sunshine today for the first time in a very long time. I was standing in the door watching Chancy and the birds when I spotted this dove gathering twigs and grass for a nest. The photos are not the best since I had to hurry to get these shots. I am so happy to see doves nesting in a tree between my fence and the road.

26 Replies to “Gathering Twigs”

  1. That’s a familiar sight outside out back hobby room where it’s all plate glass and we can watch the critters do their thing in the back yard. Doves and pigeons do fossick among the mulch in our gardens working on their nests in season. Nice picture.

    1. I am so glad you have a nice place to view the wildlife. Thank you, I was surprised to see that I actually captured the dove with twigs in her beak. I will be around to read your latest post soon. Hugs

      1. How iss THE Mornin Dove egg(ss) doin Aunty Maggie?? Wee watch Falcon cammyra at Elk River, Minny-sota. THE Falconss have 4 chickss!! They are sorta alien an gawky butt furry cute!
        **purrsss** BellaDharma

        1. I haven’t seen any doves for the last few days, I think the bluejays ran them off. 😦 I sure was hoping to see baby doves near but unless they come to my yard later I guess I won’t get to see them.

          1. Mew mew oh this iss sad Aunty Maggie…..Miss Sue of THE Island Catss had a Mournin Dove nest inn her eavess troff an 1 egg fell out of nest. THE other egg iss till inn nest butt THE Meowy bird flew away…iss a bad yeer fore Mourin Dovess it seemss…
            **sniffullsss** BellaDharma

            1. Yes, it is made my heart ache. I read on Sue’s blog about the dove. I hope it found another place laid more eggs and they will hatch. Hugs

  2. What beautiful photos, Mags. I love seeing this sweet mourning dove gathering those sticks for its nest. We are praying that the nest-building goes well, and that the eggs hatch without a problem. Hugs to you and Chancey!

  3. Charlee: “Hey, we had a couple of birds just like that on our patio this morning! I don’t think they were gathering twigs, though.”
    Chaplin: “I didn’t see them. What were they doing?”
    Charlee: “I’m going to say they were strutting.”

  4. Hi Mags, I’m glad the doves are nesting nearby. We have some here too but I haven’t seen where they are making their nest.
    I’m so happy for you that the sun came out finally. It’s been a very beautiful day here too for our church supper. we were supposed to have it last week but it was postponed to today because of the flood. Now tomorrow, I can concentrate on cleaning up the back yard from flood debris.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. I am glad to hear you finally had sun and a beautiful day so you could have your church supper. I am still waiting to do yard work….we have more rains and flash flooding on the way. I hope the floods are all done at your place and you can get the debris cleaned up. Don’t work too hard sweet Julia. Hugs

  5. WOW!! What splendid pics of the dove and the twigs! Thank you, Sis, for sharing these beautiful moments in your day 🙂 Hugs ❤

  6. we watched our Mama Cardinal gather twigs and leaves and build her nest, and sit on eggs and sit on babies .. much enjoyment speaking to her, her little eyes watched me while I talked. I love doves and to hear them coo… yours is so sweet. I wish her well in her new home.

    1. The robin that was nesting under one of my window awnings had two babies they fledged today. Don’t you just love watching them and talking to them? I am happy that you enjoy the birds. I too hope the dove does well and has babies that survive. They have never nested at my place before. Hugs

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