I Was Only Three And Don’t Remember


In the photo I was only three and don’t remember, but I am pretty sure that is bread you can see in my hand. As far back as I can remember I have loved bread. My mother told me that when I was a little girl I would take out the center of a biscuit lay it aside, eat the top and bottom of the biscuit and after I finished eating my meal I put the center of the biscuit in the roof of my mouth and would suck on it all morning.

There are certain foods that I think are their very best with cornbread. Some sandwiches I like the bread toasted. I enjoy toast too, buttered, cinnamon or just plain dry toast at times. I like my biscuits thin and browned enough so that the bottom is crunchy. Hot rolls…now they are the cream of the crop for me. My sister makes the best hot rolls I have ever put in my mouth, I could eat a whole pan of them and call it a meal.

I bake biscuits and cornbread now and then but I never make hot rolls and rarely buy them. My will power with most things is pretty good but when it comes to bread and hot rolls especially those yummy rolls it is very easy for me to get out of control so I rarely make or buy bread of any kind.

If I had to eat the same thing every day I think I would be just fine with a nice chef’s salad, hot rolls and ice cream.

What would you choose to eat if you had to eat the same thing every day?