More Beauty At My Place

When I saw one of these beautiful birds in my yard for the first time I was in awe of it. I had never seen a bird like it...not even in a picture. After getting the camera and capturing a few pictures I checked the Arkansas Bird website to see what kind of bird it... Continue Reading →

They Don’t Come Often

Beautiful little Indigo Buntings. They do not come often to visit my yard but I sure enjoy them when they do. A few years ago I spotted 12 of them together in my backyard.  I apologize for the blurred photos, but if you could have seen the window and the small area I had to... Continue Reading →

Not Many Crows But…

  This year was the third year robins have nested under my carport. The first year I watched as four babies hatched, grew and fledged. The second year I witnessed a crow taking all the babies from the nest. This year there were two that hatched and were thriving until they were stolen from their... Continue Reading →

Nice Start To My Morning

When I went out to get my newspaper this morning a mocking bird sitting in a tree above the paper tube began whistling at me. I guess it saw something I didn't see when I looked in the mirror this morning. 🙂 I whistled back and we continued to whistle back and forth until I... Continue Reading →

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