Builders, Hoppers and Stingers

The spiderweb was at the end of my porch, it was almost 4 feet by 4 feet when it was not messed up. The picture of the spider I took that night after it had repaired the web and was on it waiting for food. Spiders love my place I cannot go to the mailbox... Continue Reading →

Bit Of Thievery Going On

Watching me as I was standing at the window watching him with camera in hand. If you look closely you will see some black oil sunflower seeds clutched to his chest. He had just jumped from the bird feeder after steeling them. He didn't care how long I stood there snapping the camera he was... Continue Reading →

Tenacious Little Critter

  It took him a few weeks of trying before he finally figured out how to get to the bird feeder filled with sunflower seeds.  He could not get to it from the top because of the baffle. He finally learned he could jump from the porch rail to the feeder. He grabbed on with... Continue Reading →

Pretty On Pink

  This post will have special meaning to someone that I love very much and I hope she enjoys these photos.

More Beauty At My Place

When I saw one of these beautiful birds in my yard for the first time I was in awe of it. I had never seen a bird like it...not even in a picture. After getting the camera and capturing a few pictures I checked the Arkansas Bird website to see what kind of bird it... Continue Reading →

They Don’t Come Often

Beautiful little Indigo Buntings. They do not come often to visit my yard but I sure enjoy them when they do. A few years ago I spotted 12 of them together in my backyard.  I apologize for the blurred photos, but if you could have seen the window and the small area I had to... Continue Reading →

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