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Dementia Has Moved In With Us

For over 20 years he delivered mail and knew hundreds of addresses and the names of every patron on his route. He loved delivering the mail and helping his patrons.

Today he will look at a picture of a family member and tell you he knows their face but does not know their name or who they are. He enjoyed checking the mailbox every day after he retired, but now he forgets to.

He has three or four sets of tools and has used some of them on a job he had years ago. He has used all of them around the house and working on vehicles. Today he does not know where his tools are or even what a screwdriver is. The tools are where they have been for over 40 years.

For years I could ask him if he would bring me something or help me with what I was doing, he was always there doing whatever I asked him to do eager and happy to do so.

Today I asked him if he would hand me a bowl that was on the stove. He stood in the middle of the room looking around like he was lost and said to me…”Where is the stove, what’s a stove?”

The man who loved life, going many places, bowling and playing tennis now watches TV 18 hours a day and does not want to even go out in the yard.

Dementia has moved in with us and although unwelcome there is nothing we can do about it…so I will be devoted to my Shug and caring for him. I will stand by him through it all.

He is in no pain and he seems happy in his new world. He smiles, laughs and acts as though nothing has changed. But things have changed and they have changed a lot.

I am so thankful he is in no pain and is happy. I hope and pray he can stay happy and pain free on this new journey we are now walking together.

With the Lord’s guidance and the prayers, encouragement, help and support from wonderful, loving family members and my sweet blogging friends…we are going to be just fine…I just know we will be.

All the years he lived with dementia he was never in pain and we were doing okay until he began falling. He didn’t live long after his last two falls. The doctor said he had a stroke or a heart attack he could not say for sure without an autopsy. He had a few light strokes over the years and I believe he had a big one and that is what took him.


His memorial page 

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