Filler And Other Words

Filler words. I am guilty of using them myself at times but…in my opinion they really serve no purpose when used every three to four words while speaking. I have never in all my life heard the words “like” “you know” “I mean” and others used so many times in a sentence as I do now days.

I can say the same for curse words…why is it now days that there are so many curse words in what would otherwise be really good movies. When there are more curse words in a sentence than words to make the point, to me that is way over ridiculous.

I am really tired of paying for TV to hear more filler words, curse words and commercials than good movies or shows. And speaking of commercials…why do we have commercials on TV that we pay a monthly payment for? And I must say…a way too high of a payment at that?

Will it ever get better?