First One In 2017


I just looked out the window and saw the first robin I have seen this year. These pictures were taken last summer. I posted them because the robin I just spotted would not get out of the shade and where I could get a good picture it is also cloudy today.


In this shot the robin was just below the nest of babies and was headed to feed them.

I am so ready for all the colors and beauty of spring. I have even started on a bit of spring cleaning, can’t say I have done a lot in that area as yet but I will pick up steam and get more done eventually.

Spring is my favorite season of the year although there is something about all four seasons that I like and enjoy. For some unknown reason I have more energy do more and go more in the spring than any other time of the year I guess that is why I like it the best.

The order in which I like the seasons are…

  1. Spring
  2. Fall
  3. Winter
  4. Summer

Which is your favorite season and how would you put them in order as to how you like them?