Some Precious Memories From Long Ago

A couple of my sweeties from the past. The one on the left “Buffy” was a gift from my landlady.  She was a full blood registered chihuahua but because of her floppy ears and hip dysplasia she could not be sold. We had her hip surgery done when she was 6 months old. She did great never had any hip issues after that and she lived to be almost 13 years old.

“Muffin” was dumped not far from my home. She was very scared and it took about a week of feeding and giving her water where she was before I was finally able to bring her home. We tried several ways to get close enough to her to pick her up but none worked. One afternoon I went alone, sat down on the ground a few feet from her with a wiener and after several minutes she came to me. I gently picked her up and brought her home. We don’t know how old she was when she came to us but she lived for at least 10 years after I brought her home.

They were both special little dogs and I still miss them, I cherish fond memories of our time together.